Write Your Business Plan
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Write Your Business Plan
Write Your Business Plan
Write Your Business Plan
Write Your Business Plan

Write Your Business Plan

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(3 customer reviews) Pages: 408 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9781599185576

Be Your Own Boss

Not every business will succeed. In truth, far more businesses fail than succeed. The differentiator is always in the planning. This book gives you that competitive edge.

A comprehensive companion to our long-time business bestseller Start Your Own Business, this essential guide leads you through the most critical startup step next to committing to your business vision—defining how to achieve it.

Coached by a diverse group of experts and successful business owners, gain an in-depth understanding of what’s essential to any business plan, what’s appropriate for your venture, and what it takes to ensure success. Plus, learn from real-world examples of plans that worked, helping to raise money, hone strategy, and build a solid business.

  • Learn what makes a successful business plan—and how to create one
  • Define your plan’s purpose relative to your startup or existing business
  • Identify what to include in your plan and what to leave out
  • Tailor your plan to the various needs of bankers, investors, partners, suppliers, and customers
  • Use support tools and included resources to help seal the deal
  • Update your plan so it grows with your business

Whether you’re just starting out or already running a business, to successfully build a company, you need a plan. One that lays out your product, your strategy, your market, your team, and your opportunity. It is the blueprint for your business. Let us show you how to create it.

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For more than 30 years, from startup to retirement, millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners have trusted Entrepreneur to point them in the right direction. We’ll teach you the secrets of the winners and give you exactly what you need to lay the groundwork for success.

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By Crissy C on 12 Aug 2015
"I needed to write my business plan for so long, I'm glad I finally read this book and tackled the task."


By Regina F on 05 May 2015
"Very comprehensive guide to prepare a business plan. This book is not only suitable for startups, but also for existing business owners who are considering to review their current plan and to bring their businesses further. This book serves as a companion to Start Your Own Business published by the same publisher—a must-read for business owners."


By Lori P on 05 May 2015
"I know marketing and studied it, but never was schooled in Business. Write Your Own Business Plan takes you through all the steps you need to get your business up and running. Best tip, don't write your business plan on a napkin. You might forget and use it to wipe chocolate off your chin."


By Darren I on 05 May 2015
"Planning and writing a business plan can be a traumatic affair for many, yet the action itself can be very effective and thought provoking. When done right, it can be a very beneficial process, even if you don’t need a business plan for external financing or anyone other than yourself.

You might know the approximate route to drive from Los Angeles to Washington, DC but having a map or a route written down with some diversion options can be a good backup plan. This is the same for business. This book promises to give you everything you need to know to write a great business plan. In fact it gives a lot more and can provide a reasonable at-a-glance look to so many business-related subjects, acting as a bit of an aide-memoire or checklist.

The only real complaint might be that the book should underline that not every business needs a detailed business plan, something fussed over and polished for several months. Dependent on your plan, maybe you need to get something rough and out there now, rather than waiting for many months and find that someone has beat you to the punch. With some innovative businesses, being first can be best. Setting up a pool cleaning business or café might not need you to rush to market.

Clearly this book is written for a predominantly American audience although it does have a lot of great information that is equally valid worldwide. The book’s very low price means you only need to get a little out of it to feel you’ve got your money’s worth. A short but worthy glossary and index will further let you dig into the mass of information as you require. There’s not a lot more to say, it has great potential and can help you get on-board and along your own business journey."


By Odette C on 05 May 2015
"This book was very helpful and illuminating when seen as guidelines when approaching the idea of writing a business plan."

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