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Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business
Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business
Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business

Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business

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Produce low-cost, high-impact videos. Put your brand, product, or service in front of millions of viewers. Master the secrets of successful “YouTubers.”

Master the secrets of YouTube-savvy businesses and YouTube insiders, and create your own video-marketing success story. Led by Jason R. Rich, learn step by step how to spotlight your brand, showcase products and services, share valuable information, and drive crowds of potential consumers to tune in–all without spending a fortune. From production to upload, to promotion and profits, this ultimate guide delivers a master plan to multiplying your customer base.


  • How to promote your YouTube videos using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social sites
  • Methods for boosting a video’s views using blogs, websites and other online resources
  • How to start a successful YouTube channel
  • How to make a video go viral
  • 10 ways to use YouTube to reach your audience
  • What it takes to become a “YouTube Personality” that viewers want to listen to
  • Practices for attracting and keeping subscribers
  • How to track your success with YouTube Analytics


  • Developing ideas for your videos
  • Preparing for the shoot
  • Producing and filming your own videos
  • Video editing
  • Uploading Your Video
  • Adding interactive elements
  • Hosting real-time video chats
  • Becoming a YouTube affiliate


  • Specialized advice from YouTube Product manager and other industry insiders
  • Expert advice from business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Interviews with YouTube service providers
  • Equipment primer
  • Resource list

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Jason R. Rich (www.JasonRich.com) is the bestselling author of more than 55 books, covering a wide range of topics, including ecommerce, online marketing, digital photography, interactive entertainment, as well as the Apple iPhone and iPad. He’s also a frequent contributor to numerous national magazines, major daily newspapers, and popular websites, and serves as a marketing/public relations consultant to businesses.

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