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Ultimate Guide to Link Building
Ultimate Guide to Link Building
Ultimate Guide to Link Building
Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Ultimate Guide to Link Building

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Link. Rank. Profit.

The web today is comprised of trillions of links. Who links to your site and how they link to it is the fundamental factor driving your search engine rank and your website traffic. The question is–how do you control this? Link building expert Eric Ward and online marketer Garrett French provide the answers. Simplifying the complex world of web links, Ward and French show you, step by step, how to employ a link-building campaign to attract quality links, drive more traffic, and dramatically boost your search rank.

Sharing little-known techniques for link building via social media platforms, blogs, partnerships, public relations, articles, and more, Ward and French teach you which link-building techniques to avoid and which will maximize the quality links that point to your site, allowing you to charm both search engines and customers.

This one-of-a-kind guide details a variety of link building tools, tactics, and techniques illustrated by case studies, expert interviews, and resources. Ward and French leave no opportunity unexplored, and no link-building questions unanswered.

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Eric Ward founded the Web's first link- building and content-publicity service in 1994, called NetPOST. Today, he provides strategic-linking consulting and training via EricWard.comWard, a.k.a LinkMoses, publishes a private linking tactics newsletter called LinkMoses Private, and has developed content linking strategies for PBS.org, WarnerBros, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and TVGuide.com. Eric has spoken at over 150 web industry events and contributes to search industry news sites SearchEngineLand.com and SearchEngineWatch.com

Garrett French is the founder of Citation Labs, a boutique agency that specializes in custom link-building tools and services to solve large-scale marketing problems. He is also an online marketing consultant working with major companies in customer relationship management, consumer packaged goods, and online health information.

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"Eric is the undisputed master of quality link building. We’ve worked together for years and he’s frequently surprised me with new insights and little known (and easily executed) strategies to build our customers’ backlink portfolios."
- Richard Stokes,CEO of AdGooroo.com and author of Mastering Search Advertising – How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords and The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

"If you’re in SEO and take your job seriously, you know Eric and Garrett. When Eric and Garrett talk about link building, you listen. The only issue when they talk is that there’s too much genius to write it all down. So when they do the writing down for you, you buy the book and read it. Twice. At least. You won’t regret it."
- Joost de Valk, Founder and CEO of Yoast.com

"Eric Ward is hands-down the smartest thinker in the space when it comes to link building. I guarantee this book will open up any mental blocks you’ve had about where to get started and set you on a path to becoming a link magnet."
- Mike Grehan, Publisher of Search Engine Watch and ClickZ.com, Producer SES International, and SEMPO Board of Directors

"Eric Ward has been building links and educating people on how to do it the right way since before even search engines decided links were important. Read and learn!"
- Danny Sullivan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SearchEngineLand.com

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