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Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, 2nd Edition
Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, 2nd Edition
Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, 2nd Edition
Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, 2nd Edition

Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, 2nd Edition

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Millions compete for exposure on Google and Bing but 99% of them fail to get results. As the founder of a leading digital marketing intelligence firm, AdGooroo, search advertising authority Richard Stokes is in a unique position to reveal what’s going wrong and provide solutions to fix it. Led by Stokes, master proven strategies from today’s search advertising elite, and discover how to drive significantly more traffic to your website. Learn how to dramatically increase click-through rates, steal impressions from competitors, boost conversions, and increase your sales by unbelievable amounts.

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Richard Stokes is the founder and CEO of AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company and leading provider of digital marketing intelligence. A certified expert in both email marketing and conversion optimization, he is a respected speaker and author on search topics.

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"If you or anyone on your team needs to learn or get refreshed with the fundamentals of paid search marketing, this is the book for you. Clean, simple, and very actionable."
- Rob Griffin, EVP, Havas Media

"Just buy this one. Stokes writes the one PPC book to own in 2014. Great for beginners, required reading for those in the know. Up-to-the-moment fresh for 2014."
- Rob Sieracki, Co-founder, Ox Optimal PPC Consultancy

"The title of this book isn’t pulling any punches; it really is the “ultimate guide” to pay-per-click advertising. Whether you’re just getting started with PPC or if you’re an old Pro, this book is not only “ultimate” but it is also essential. Each chapter is filled with timeless information that can serve as the bedrock of your PPC campaign foundation. The strategies in this book will improve your PPC performance and ultimately grow your business. This content will deliver value for years to come. Your ROI on buying this book is off the charts!"
- Joseph Kerschbaum, Midwest Account Director, 3Q Digital

"This book guides you to build a quality campaign from the ground up to compete on the highest level."
- Ping Jen, Product Manager, Bing Ads

"Brilliant insights. Advanced material. Don’t think, just buy it. Rich is one of those guys that makes you sit up and listen closely. His knowledge of the data behind AdWords is quite literally unparalleled (outside a few people in Google. Maybe.). He digs in deep and makes you smirk in awe at the clever ways all that data can help you improve your account. A must read."
- Mike Rhodes, CEO, WebSavvy.com.au

"This is required reading for any online marketer who wants to be in the 1% of successful search engine marketers. What Richard says is right on the money and has led my own clients to realize 3X to 5X sales growth in a matter of months on mature campaigns that had been ‘optimized’ and managed previously by other agencies." - Kevin Milani, VP of Digital Marketing, Virtual Marketing Staff LLC

"This book reveals the inner workings of the search ad networks without using tea leaves and crystal balls. Instead, it focuses on the few strategic metrics that make a difference, and backs them up with valid data from real campaigns. It’s the first book I’ve read that made me feel I could take data-driven action to improve my search advertising campaigns. Most importantly, I now know something that other search marketers don’t."
- Brian Massey, author of Your Customer Creation Equation

"Wherever you are in your pay-per-click journey and your evolution as an entrepreneur or marketing professional, I wish you the very best of success. You’ve already done more than most people will do: You’ve picked up an excellent book by a world-class expert. So you deserve it. Now, sit at Richard’s feet and hear what wisdom he has to share."
- Perry Marshall, author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing

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