Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing
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Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing
Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing
Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing
Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing

Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing

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Attract Ideal Customers Through Search, Social and Mobile

With Google, Yahoo!, and Bing returning local businesses as results on more than a billion daily searches, Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall and lead generation expert Talor Zamir introduce you to the basic framework behind a successful local marketing campaign. From defining local search—often confused with paid search and search engine marketing—to local listings and reviews to social outreach and effective content development, this guide delivers the tools to build an entire local online marketing campaign for your business.

  • Capture high-quality leads from search engines in 48 hours
  • Master the components of a high-converting campaign and get the most bang for your buck
  • Utilize mobile search advertising for the greatest benefits

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PERRY MARSHALL is the #1 author and world’s most-quoted consultant on Google advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in “AdWords stupidity tax.” His clients span 300+ industries and he speaks at conferences worldwide. TALOR ZAMIR is a highly-sought after speaker and consultant in the fields of internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. He has generated tens of thousands of leads for local businesses via his “Local Business Landing Page Template” and unique PPC strategies.

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By Charles F on 10 May 2016
"The book provided great insight into using Google Adwords at a local level and the rationale behind using it. It also made the case that local businesses don't need to worry if they can't afford a big SEO company. They can use many of the tools themselves. I was little confused about the organization because it wasn't as straightforward as I thought it would be. It was more of a collection of insights from experts about different angles to attack local marketing."


By Melissa L on 17 Mar 2016
"This book was very interesting and informative. I was amazed at the information that was contained and how easily it was understood. For many, the idea of SEO and PPC and identifying the benefits of each can be confusing and I believe this book explains that well, clearing any confusion.

For any business owner I would highly recommend this book to assist in getting your business recognized and sought after. You will learn within this book, how to tell the difference between SEO and PPC and how to use Google search to your benefit. "Key words" is a phrase I hear in many aspects of life and in this respect, that philosophy is applied to making your business stand out over your competitors to Google searchers which is imperative in today's market. You will learn how to apply the words that fit your business and make it stand out. How to identify whether or your add is working or not is another benefit discussed in this marketing strategy. There is so much more than these areas involved in this book, but those are ones I feel are central.

If you are serious about your business you need to read this book. I felt as if I was back in my marketing courses with the amount of information given. My attention was caught and some areas that I had felt I needed clarifying were presented in this book and I understand the content better. The material will definitely be a plus to any determined business owner."


By Darren I on 22 Feb 2016
"Initial fears and concerns over this book soon evaporated and this guide to marketing your business on a local level turned out to be a pleasing read. Every locally focused business needs local business marketing, yet most companies don’t seem to get it, it is claimed, so maybe this book will be the savior for some?

Search engines are an important source of traffic and visible potential business for a company and the larger search engine giants are certainly pushing local search. A wise business that focuses on a local business area surely doesn’t want to miss out on this traffic, especially since the old ways of attracting business such as newspaper advertising and telephone directories are “yesterday’s technology.” The authors show the reader actionable methods of utilizing local search advertising and focused traffic building to good effect: all items that can be directly measured and tracked. At the same time this will also assist the company’s visibility within search engines, providing additional benefit to local traffic acquisition. SEO is important but it should not be the primary focus of the business owner, the authors note, since you want to start pulling in sales immediately and thus paid-for advertising is key.

Great success can follow it is claimed, with the authors suggesting that business owners who follow their system could see a doubling or tripling of their business within a year. Everything is possible, even if no guarantee is given. The book is a complete guide, yet you still have a fair bit of work to do, the filling in the gaps whilst following the authors’ careful guidance. Even if you don’t have a business that requires local marketing, this book is still capable of giving a lot of quality advice about online advertising! It is an excellent, focused all-rounder."