Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, 5th Edition
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Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, 5th Edition
Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, 5th Edition
Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, 5th Edition
Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, 5th Edition

Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, 5th Edition

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(0 customer reviews) Pages: 380 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9781599186122


Google processes 40,000 searches ever second (that’s 1.2 trillion searches every year). That’s more than a trillion reasons to make Google AdWords a key marketing strategy for your business. Google AdWords experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, joined by AdWords and analytics evangelist Mike Rhodes, teach you how to build an aggressive, streamlined AdWords campaign proven to increase your search engine visibility, consistently capture clicks, double your website traffic, and increase sales on not one but three ad networks.

Discover how to:

  • Get your ads on millions of websites with Google’s Display Network
  • Profit using mobile ads that target local users
  • Avoid costly mistakes made by all Google advertisers
  • Keep your ads showing up with high quality scores
  • Use keyword matching options to zero in on profitable keywords
  • Know where every penny you spend is going in your Google campaigns
  • Apply 10 bidding strategies and tools to keep you spending smart
  • Supercharge your clickthrough rates with ad extensions
  • Write remarketing ads that get clicks and conversions

“Perry’s methods coupled with Google AdWords offer a fast and cheap testing ground for a lot of marketing messages. He’s a consummate player of this game, the smartest person I or any of my clients have ever found when it comes to Google AdWords—optimizing response for his clients and teaching others how to do it for themselves.”
Dan S. Kennedy, author of No B.S. Direct Marketing and other books in the No B.S. Series

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PERRY MARSHALL is the number-one author and worlds most-quoted consultant on Google advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in "AdWords Stupidity Tax." His Chicago company, Perry S. Marshall & Associates, consults both online and brick-and-mortar companies on generating sales leads, web traffic, and maximizing advertising results. He's been featured at conferences in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Israel and Australia. He's shared the stage with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Harvey Mackay and Les Brown. He's consulted in over 200 industries, from computer hardware and software to high-end consulting, from health & fitness to corporate finance.
MIKE RHODES, CEO and founder of WebSavvy, is an international speaker and bestselling author, specializing in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and website conversions for business growth.
BRYAN TODD is an international marketing consultant and Google AdWords specialist with clients in dozens of industries from healthcare and book publishing to manufacturing and computer software.

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By Victoria R on 08 Dec 2017
"I found this book very educational especially as I knew absolutely nothing about AdWords. But it was easy to understand and I liked it."


By Ben B on 28 Nov 2017
"When it comes to getting started and succeeding with AdWords, this book has everything you need to build a great campaign. Laid out in an order that helps people get started fast, optimize along the way, and expand as needed, the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords provides the tools a PPC novice needs to get on their feet and get going. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get started with AdWords or better understand their current campaigns and improve them."


By Danielle R on 02 Nov 2017
"An insightful tool for anyone looking to maximize their Adword skills. Clear and concise. I thought it was well put together!"


By Carsten H on 17 Oct 2017
"I have been using the first edition of this book for a while and this edition is even better, deeper, more and updated. In other words, it is the go-to, must-read guide to this otherwise fairly complicated issue where wrong or imprecise targeting can end up costing you lots of money and even worse, target the wrong potential clients."


By D.R. Gerstein on 15 Oct 2017
"The book is written as close to layman’s terms as you can get. Yes, there are new terms you may have to learn to play the game, but that’s par the course with anything you do. No worries here, though, as author Perry Marshall takes the time to explain all the necessary info and acronyms. What I began to realize after a while is that Google is not some nameless, faceless entity that just wants to eat my money. Mr. Marshall makes it plain that it is my choices as well as desire to learn that will help me to achieve my business goals. He also cautions that this is not a guaranteed-to-make-you-rich scheme and advises “if you’re not serious, don’t even start.” The book, while focusing on Adwords, also addresses good business practices that new entrepreneurs might overlook, such as tuning up your ad text (what has been proven to works and what bombs) and seeking out niche markets. Other words of wisdom can be found throughout, such as “The offer your ad describes is more important that the words you use to describe it. What does your customer get by clicking on your ad? And how fast does he get it?”
Although the initial chapters are geared for folks like me who are new to the adwords arena, seasoned veterans will also find chapters that are aimed at their needs. There is a handy Quick-Reference Adwords Glossary at the back for new readers as well as those who might need their memories jogged, as well as an Index in the back to aid with quickly finding whatever section you might need to flip to.
As a newcomer, after reading the book, I still feel a bit more overwhelmed; however, if you are going into battle, you should take the right gear. If you plan on using Google Adwords to propel your business, this book is the right gear. Five stars."


By David E on 25 Sep 2017
"The book gives you exactly what the title says. The information is good...relevant and smack up to date."