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Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising
Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising
Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising

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(0 customer reviews) Pages: 236 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9781599186382

Expand Your Brand Online and Offline with Amazon Advertising

Amazon is where consumers search, learn about, and shop for your products (whether from you or another seller). And with 310 million active users and counting, this is the ecommerce platform you can’t afford to ignore.

Amazon advertising and customer growth expert Timothy P. Seward shares nearly two decades of expertise in retail and ecommerce to lift the veil on doing business on Amazon. Seward shows you how to build an aggressive, streamlined advertising campaign, increase your search visibility, consistently capture consumer demand, and accelerate new product sales without big-budget national ad campaigns.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine if Vendor Central or Seller Central is right for your brand
  • Capture new customers through Sponsored Product Campaigns
  • Apply the five essential elements of a high-quality product detail page
  • Establish metrics, evaluate performance against keyword types, and perform competitive analyses
  • Add negative keywords that can benefit your advertising campaigns
  • Apply Amazon’s secret formula for long-term winning

“This timely book is perfect for every brand or product marketer who wants to fully leverage the Amazon platform—both for sales and brand exposure. Timothy’s practical step-by-step advice is simple to follow and put into practice.”
—Steve Fisher, team lead, retail marketing, Lenovo

“This book should be called the Ultimate Guide to Amazon because it’s so much more than just advertising. It’s really about building your brand on Amazon. Timothy is able to walk someone through how to do this step-by-step. It was easy to follow. I really enjoyed it.”
—Michelle Reed, senior vice president, Perry Ellis International

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TIMOTHY P. SEWARD is the founder of ROI Revolution, which drives growth for brands, retailers, and ecommerce merchants with its results-driven digital marketing technology and services. With his extensive marketing and retail background, he is a thought leader who has spoken at 70+ industry ecommerce and Amazon events including IRCE & Prosper, is a frequent guest lecturer at North Carolina State University’s College of Management, and has contributed to key industry publications including Internet Retailer.

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By Serena Knautz on 06 Apr 2019
"This book is so much more than advertising on Amazon and should be read by anyone that is even thinking about starting to sell on Amazon. It explains the Amazon platform and how to use it to your advantage. It will help you build your brand and find new Customers to market to. I like how the book is set up with easy to locate subjects. This is a book I will keep going back to as I get ready to expand and begin to sell on Amazon. The step by step how to set up a sellers account to discussing keywords to ways to extend your reach on Amazon are all subjects I now feel more confident with and will have an easier time implementing thanks to the Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising."


By Cindy Coe on 10 Apr 2019
"This has a huge amount on information about contemporary business, which is all about selling on Amazon. The book is aimed at manufacturers of products. As a writer who sells books on Amazon, most of this information was way, way over my head or not applicable. However, I did get some good basic business advice from the book. I would recommend this book for corporate marketing and advertising folks!"