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The Tax and Legal Playbook
The Tax and Legal Playbook
The Tax and Legal Playbook
The Tax and Legal Playbook

The Tax and Legal Playbook

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The Tax and Legal Playbook: Strategies that Save You Time and Money

CPA and Attorney Mark J. Kohler answers the leading tax and legal questions facing small business owners, across all stages of business, and delivers a comprehensive playbook of clear-cut truths, thought-provoking advice, and underutilized solutions to save you time, money, and heartache.

You can read this book straight through or as a reference guide—reading the chapters as needed to answer the questions as they arise. You’ll come away wiser and better equipped to make the best decisions for your business, your family, and yourself.


• The ins and outs behind fundamental business decisions
• Underutilized tax and legal strategies that can save you thousands
• Picking the right legal entity for your business
• Common legal scams and deceptions to avoid
• Protecting your assets and planning for retirement
• Issues are illustrated with entertaining, real-world examples

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Mark J. Kohler is a partner in the accounting firm Kohler & Eyre CPAS, LLP and the law firm Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller, & Sorensen, LLP, where he specializes in the areas of business, estate and tax planning. Mark is also an entrepreneur, radio show host, national speaker, and author of Lawyers are Liars- The Truth About Protecting our Assets. Learn more about Mark J. Kohler at www.markjkohler.com.

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Mark has done it again! He has produced a book on difficult tax and legal topics that is both interesting and easy to read. A guide that will save you time and money. Thank you, Mark!
SHARON LECHTER, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

As entrepreneurs we are constantly bombarded with challenges the rest of the economy is not facing. The Tax & Legal Playbook gave me specific solutions to my business problems. I am sure it will do the same for you.
WOODY WOODWARD, personal business coach and author of Your Emotional Fingerprint

Business owners need expert tax and legal advice. That is why you need Mark Kohler! He is an expert on these matters, and his content is outstanding.
ERIC LOFHOLM, master sales trainer and author of How to Sell in the New Economy

Mark’s ability to integrate the tax planning into a family structure and paying children for legitimate business services is invaluable. He can save families thousands of dollars in taxes!
LORI MACKEY, author, national speaker, and president of Prosperity4Kids, Inc.

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