Start Your Own Mail Order Business 2E

Start Your Own Mail Order Business, 2nd Edition

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Start Your Own Mail Order Business, 2nd Edition Start Your Own Mail Order Business, 2nd Edition Start Your Own Mail Order Business, 2nd Edition

Your Complete Package for Success-Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Busy families no longer need to take the time to run to the mall and shop for the perfect item. They simply click their mouse and have their treasures delivered from any corner of the country right to their doorstep. Shopping has never been so convenient and the opportunity for starting and running a successful mail order business has never been so great!

If you want to work from home, running a lucrative business that costs little to start and requires no specialized skills, mail order may be for you. Working from a kitchen table, you can take orders, process payments and dispatch shipments picked up by a parcel service from a remote warehouse run by yet another vendor.

This exclusive guide to mail order takes you step by step covering every aspect of startup and operations, including hard-won advice and helpful hints from successful mail order entrepreneurs.

Learn how to:

  • Stay on top of market and industry trends
  • Choose products that sell
  • Set your pricing and other policies
  • Fulfill orders
  • Build an internet presence
  • Create a winning catalog or brochure
  • Choose a high-response mailing list
  • Use the best resources and tools in the industry

With the boom in online shopping, mail order businesses are more profitable than ever, and Entrepreneur gives you everything you need to get started. Don’t wait! Start your mail order business today!

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