Start Your Own Blogging Business 3E
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Start Your Own Blogging Business, 3rd Edition
Start Your Own Blogging Business, 3rd Edition
Start Your Own Blogging Business, 3rd Edition
Start Your Own Blogging Business, 3rd Edition
Ready to Start Your Blogging Business?
Start Your Own Blogging BusinessIf you’re ready to start your business from scratch, we recommend our Startup Kit, a two-part guide that includes Start Your Own Blogging Business, 3rd Edition, plus our bestselling book, Start Your Own Business. All supported with worksheets, checklists, and our downloadable Resource Kit.

Start Your Own Blogging Business, 3rd Edition

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Turn Your Blog into Big Bucks

Blog’s are still one of the internet’s fastest-growing phenomena—and one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. Packed with the latest blog tools, tricks, and up-and-coming trends, this fully revised edition teaches you the ins and outs of creating an eye-catching blog that captures millions of eyeballs and reaps huge financial rewards—all within hours and with little to no financial investment!

We’ll reveal:

  • The latest forms of blogging including Twitter/micro-blogging, mobile blogging, and video blogging.
  • How you can make money as a YouTube partner and develop a YouTube Channel
  • 10 proven ways to promote your blog
  • How to avoid the most common blogging mistakes
  • Priceless advice from successful bloggers for maximizing profits
  • How to create new and original content to attract new followers

Now you can create your own incredible platform to showcase your thoughts, knowledge, expertise and opinions to millions of web surfers and make money doing it!

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Written by business writer Jason R. Rich and edited by the experts at Entrepreneur, each Start Your Own title delivers industry-specific information for starting a business supported by expert interviews, lessons learned, and success secrets from practicing business owners in the industry.

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