Start Your Own Bar and Club 4E
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Start Your Own Bar and Club, 4th Edition
Start Your Own Bar and Club, 4th Edition
Start Your Own Bar and Club, 4th Edition
Start Your Own Bar and Club, 4th Edition
Ready to Start Your Own Bar and Club?
Start Your Own Bar and ClubIf you’re ready to start your business from scratch, we recommend our Startup Kit, a two-part guide that includes Start Your Own Bar and Club, 4th Edition, plus our bestselling book, Start Your Own Business. All supported with worksheets, checklists, and our downloadable Resource Kit.

Start Your Own Bar and Club, 4th Edition

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Create the Perfect Blend of Passion and Profits!

Are you interested in being the toast of the town, the life of the party—and a successful entrepreneur? Do you dream of designing a fun-filled atmosphere to house friends, family, and other patrons? If so, then the bar/club industry may be for you!

Detailing today’s hottest bar/club opportunities, including sports bars, night clubs, neighborhood bars, and more, our experts take you step by step, from scouting locations and licensing requirements to creating policies and attracting loyal customers. Use worksheets, checklists, and resource lists to streamline your startup, and efficiently manage day-to-day operations. Plus, gain priceless insight, advice, and tips from already successful bar/club entrepreneurs!

Learn how to:

  • Research your target market
  • Find the perfect location
  • Hire a knowledgeable staff
  • Navigate the red tape that accompanies serving alcohol and food
  • Understand the logistics of inventory and equipping your bar
  • Compete with other bars and nightlife venues
  • Keep your clients entertained—and keep them coming back
  • And much more!

Start today, and cheers to your success tomorrow!

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Written by business writer Liane Cassavoy and edited by the experts at Entrepreneur, each Start Your Own title delivers industry-specific information for starting a business supported by expert interviews, lessons learned, and success secrets from practicing business owners in the industry.

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