No B.S. Direct Marketing
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No B.S. Direct Marketing
No B.S. Direct Marketing
No B.S. Direct Marketing
No B.S. Direct Marketing

No B.S. Direct Marketing

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Transform Your “Ordinary” Business into an

Most “ordinary” businesses advertise and market like the big brand-name companies, so they spend (waste) money on image, brand, and presence. But copycatting the big brand-name companies is like a rabbit behaving like the lion. It makes no sense.

Direct marketing expert Dan Kennedy and his team of elite consultants—all successful at borrowing strategies from pure direct marketing businesses like QVC, J. Peterman, Zappos, and Publishers Clearinghouse—deliver the fundamentals of direct marketing as it can be applied to any business, sales career, or professional practice. Then, they take you behind the scenes of exceptionally successful non-direct marketing businesses and show you how to cash in using their unorthodox direct marketing strategies.

You’ll learn the customer-getting, sales-boosting tactics you never knew existed and master Dan’s 10 No B.S. Rules of Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses:

  • Rule #1: There Will ALWAYS Be an Offer or Offers
  • Rule #2: There Will Be Reason to Respond Right Now
  • Rule #3: You Will Give Clear Instructions
  • Rule #4: There Will Be Tracking, Measurement, and Accountability
  • Rule #5: Only No-Cost Brand-Building
  • Rule #6: There Will Be Follow-up
  • Rule #7: There Will Be Strong Copy
  • Rule #8: It Will Look Like Mail-Order Advertising
  • Rule #9: Results Rule. Period
  • Rule #10: You Will Be a Tough-Minded Disciplinarian and Put Your Business on a Strict Direct Marketing Diet

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DAN S. KENNEDY is a strategic advisor, consultant, business coach and editor of six business newsletters. He directly influences more than one million business owners annually. He is a champion of small business owners and entrepreneurs with a long track record of taking entrepreneurs to seven-figure incomes and multi-millionaire wealth.