No B.S. Direct Marketing, Second Edition
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No B.S. Direct Marketing, 2nd Edition
No B.S. Direct Marketing, 2nd Edition
No B.S. Direct Marketing, 2nd Edition

No B.S. Direct Marketing, 2nd Edition

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Radical Secrets of Direct Marketing “Players”

Go behind the scenes and cash in on the undisclosed, off-the-record strategies of today’s top direct marketers. These high-profile techniques can be applied to your non-direct marketing business with amazing results and direct marketing guru Dan Kennedy can take you there.

Dan and his special guest contributors – all phenomenally successful at borrowing direct marketing strategies from the world of mail-order, TV infomercials, etc. to use in ‘ordinary’ businesses including retail stores, restaurants, sales careers – reveal their radically different, super profitable methods and share actual advertising and marketing examples from their businesses.

Discover customer-getting, sales-boosting tactics you never knew existed and master Dan’s 10 Rules to Transforming Your Business into an Infinitely More Powerful Direct Marketing Business:

  • Rule #1: There Will ALWAYS Be an Offer or Offers
  • Rule #2: There Will Be Reason To Respond Right Now
  • Rule #3: You Will Give Clear Instructions
  • Rule #4: There Will Be Tracking, Measurement, And Accountability
  • Rule #5: Only No-Cost Brand-Building
  • Rule #6: There Will Be Follow-Up
  • Rule #7: There Will Be Strong Copy
  • Rule #8: It Will Look Like Mail-Order Advertising
  • Rule #9: Results Rule. Period.
  • Rule #10: You Will Be A Tough-Minded Disciplinarian And Put Your Business On a Strict Direct Marketing Diet

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Dan S. Kennedy is a strategic advisor, consultant, business coach and editor of six business newsletters, he directly influences more than one million business owners annually. He is a champion of small business owners and entrepreneurs with a long track record of taking entrepreneurs to seven-figure incomes and multi-millionaire wealth.

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"Dan Kennedy completely and radically changed by entire business–I now make a much larger income with much less work. And I’m showing agents all over the country how to clone my business."
- Rob Minton, realtor, Home Selling Team Inc.

"In 2001, we had two stores… we were working like dogs and barely keeping $50,000 a year… and, that year, we were threatened by a bix box discount chain coming to town. In 2003, our two stores are thriving, we have a growing internet and mail-order business, our income has increase by more than 400%, and we are finally working sane hours. The difference? Dan Kennedy’s marketing strategies."
- Charles and Betty Hildegarb, Antiquities LLC, Georgia

Month after month, I keep saying ‘thank you’ to Dan Kennedy for everything his marketing ideas have done for my business."
- William Hammon, attorney, Kanssas

Every year, for a number of years, I make a point of meeting with Dan Kennedy for a day, sometimes two days. His insights into progressively taking my business to the next level, and the next, and the next are invaluable."
- Michael Jans, Insurance Profit Systems, Oregon

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