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The New Employee Manual
The New Employee Manual
The New Employee Manual

The New Employee Manual

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Welcome to Corporate Life! We’re here to tell you the truth about it.

In your hands is the new manual for corporate survival. Where corporate’s manual shapes you into a dutiful cog, The New Employee Manual helps you enhance your career for the good of you… and your company. But be forewarned: This isn’t a book for corporate sheeple. It’s a book for the maverick.

To help you understand the corporate landscape, Benjamin Gilad and Mark Chussil, top war-gaming and strategic-thinking experts for the Fortune 500, deliver unconventional strategies to help you compete and thrive in today’s dysfunctional corporate culture. Benjamin and Mark show you how to:

  • Safely navigate COOCs (Corporate, Overconfident, Oblivious Cultures)
  • Identify OOPs (Overconfident, Oblivious People) and figure out how to do your job despite them
  • Understand the realities of your actual job no matter what your job description says
  • Decide if you are better off as an entrepreneur—even if you have to buy your own health insurance

Forget about knowing where the break room is and whether you get summer Fridays off . This book is your go-to guide for a stellar career. It teaches you the skill of competing and what it takes to conquer the real corporate world.

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DR. BENJAMIN GILAD, president of Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence (CI) is considered a leading developer of competitive intelligence theory and practice in the US, is a former Associate Professor of Strategy at Rutgers University’s School of Management. Gilad’s first CI books, The Business Intelligence System (1988, AMACOM, co-authored) and Business Blindspots (1994, US: Probus/Irwin; 1998, UK: Infonortics, e-edition, 2012, ACI, Inc.), paved the way for the CI evolution in US corporations, many of which emulated the basic principles of Gilad’s CI process model. He is the co-editor of the definitive analysis book, The Art and Science of Business Intelligence Analysis (1996, JAI Press) and author of Early Warning (Amacom, 2004), and Business War Games (Career press, 2009).

MARK CHUSSIL is the founder of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc. He’s a pioneer in business war gaming; an expert in business-strategy simulation, a prolific author of essays on competitive strategy on ACS’ website, Harvard Business Review, and elsewhere; and a thought-provoking teacher of strategic thinking. He’s helped Fortune 500 companies, in many industries and countries, add billions of dollars to their bottom lines. Mark is also an Adjunct Instructor in the Pamplin School of Business at the University of Portland.