Million Dollar Habits
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Million Dollar Habits, 2nd Edition
Million Dollar Habits, 2nd Edition
Million Dollar Habits, 2nd Edition
Million Dollar Habits, 2nd Edition

Million Dollar Habits, 2nd Edition

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Unlock Your Full Potential

95 percent of everything you think, feel, do, and achieve is the result of habit; the good news is there is only one thing in the universe you have complete control of, and that is the content of your conscious mind. Dive into Million Dollar Habits to uncover the habits that have already made countless others rich in happiness, confidence, and actual millions.

With a behavioral science context and insights from top businesspeople around the world, self-made millionaire and success expert Brian Tracy outlines a full blueprint for breaking bad habits and build the ones that lead to success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop new habits and overcome procrastination in just seven easy steps
  • Manage your finances like a self-made millionaire—so you can become one
  • Join the business elite with the Two Habits for Rapid Advancement
  • Earn more and get promoted faster with the 1,000 percent formula
  • Become a leader in your community by developing habits of character
  • Achieve breakthrough marketing results with the Seven P Formula
  • Keep yourself focused by starting every day with the same five questions
  • Double productivity, performance and results with the Personal Productivity Formula
  • Implement five great habits for better relationships—both personal and business
  • Obtain abundant energy and strength by mastering nine core health habits

Plus, assess yourself as you go with Tracy’s Action Exercises in this head-to-toe guide to fulfilling your complete potential. Start taking control of your life today!

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BRIAN TRACY is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organization. He is the leading coach on the topics of Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology.

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By Carsten H on 11 Dec 2017
"Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income by Brian Tracy is an interesting book that presents to you an overview of which habits the author thinks relevant for you to gain a positive mindset in order to achieve your goals and what you may otherwise want in life. Just as when you were little and learned how to walk, this book teaches you step-by-step to believe in yourself and how to make things happen in your life. Some of the habits are decidedly more relevant than others and some are just sound advice, such as get enough rest, eat healthily, take your vitamins, groom yourself and such. I have really enjoyed it and am learning to think and see things in a more positive way."


By Sharathkumar H on 07 Nov 2017
"Take control of your habit. Take control of your life. It is one of the well written motivational books. I absolutely loved it. Out of all the motivational books, I have read has one thing in common - that is the power of attraction. It means you can attract what you think most of the time. As the famous saying goes, "You reap what you sow." The book covers all the aspects our life and how we can change the bad habits and become a better person. In your personal life or in your professional life how you could develop certain habits which would make you a better person. Overall, it is a nice book with lot of useful ideas and concepts which can be applied in day-to-day life."


By WC Falgout on 26 Sep 2017
"You have never read a book written by Brian Tracy, you are missing out. Million Dollar Habits is a book you can not only use in business but also your personal life. The motivation and new habit lessons begin in the very first chapter. It's most definitely a book that will not collect dust on a book shelf, It will be read over and over as I implement these Million Dollar Habits into my daily life."


By Peter D on 25 Aug 2017
"A pleasant surprise. This book had a lot more going for it than I thought it would. Full of sound advice, it is not a get rich quick scheme book. It shows the value of effort and saving can lead to rewards. Well written."


By Mayur G on 11 Aug 2017
"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to anyone dedicated to personal development. No matter how much you think you know, this book will teach you something new. Such a fantastic book. An absolute delight to read. Because of this book, I now tell myself many times everyday, "I like myself". I also used to consider myself a personal finance genius and thought I knew quite a bit. And then Brian taught me a new concept - Put 50% of all future raises into a savings or investment account in addition to whatever I currently contribute. Mind Blown! That's just two nuggets, I'm sharing with you. I have another 20 written down in my journal. Thank you Brian Tracy for writing such a valuable resource."


By Lucy S on 27 Jul 2017
"This book has a great focus on 'habit', the habits that successful people use and what they are so that you can apply them to your own life. I really liked the use of quotations and famous figures in this book. Additionally, I loved how Tracy (the author) stated a habit and then backed this up with information from psychology, for example. However, references to the bible may not be for some. I felt that some of the points made were really interesting and something different to what I have heard or read before. Furthermore, there are questions for you to answer in relation to your own life which may help you actually implement some of the things that Tracy talks about. I was surprised by how much information was actually in this book, I appreciated that it did not ramble on about the same point but rather had just the right amount of writing and then introduced another. Overall, this was an interesting book and if you would like to read about different theories relating to success, you may want to read it."