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Market Like You Mean It
Market Like You Mean It
Market Like You Mean It
Market Like You Mean It

Market Like You Mean It

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Dissecting the marketing playbooks of successful product producers including Nike, Red Bull, Steve Jobs, and Dr. Dre, guerrilla marketer Al Lautenslager delivers an education on maintaining marketing momentum and developing the most powerful sales team you’ll ever have—loyal customers who advocate your brand and champion everything you sell. Coached by Lautenslager, uncover the simple truths that turn a marketing push into a marketing movement where your customers are involved, engaged, and in love with your brand.

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Al Lautenslager is an award-winning marketing expert, bestselling author, highly sought-after speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He is the principal of Market For Profits, a Midwestern-based marketing consulting firm; former president and owner of The Ink Well, a direct marketing, printing, and mailing company; and a Certificate Guerrilla Marketing Coach.

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This book is full of marketing treasures. Points are illustrated through entertaining examples and case studies of little-known and well-known marketing and media phenomena. Turbo charge your marketing with what you learn from this book.
—John Jantsch, Author of Duct Tape Marketing and Duct Tape Selling

Grab this one! By investing in this book, you will discover how to break through the thousands of marketing messages you receive every day, to get noticed, be remembered, and get people talking, sharing, liking, tweeting, and buying.
—Joe Vitale, Author of Hypnotic Writing and Buying Trances

Al Lautenslager is all business. He shows you how you need to step up your game to market like the pros. Buy Market Like You Mean It before your competition does.
—Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author, and Sometimes Cowboy

The beauty of Market Like You Mean It is the wealth of practical information from somebody who has been there and done that. Al Lautenslager’s advice is priceless. I strongly recommend this book.
—Joseph Sugarman, Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation

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