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Main Street Entrepreneur

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Looking to find what it takes to create a successful and thriving business, lifelong entrepreneur, business consultant and university professor Michael Glauser geared up for an adventure.
Riding more than 4,000 miles in 45 days, Glauser spent 246 hours on a bike seat, climbed 155,000 vertical feet, visited more than 100 cities across the country, and interviewed 100 small-town entrepreneurs.

In this book, Glauser shares the secrets behind the success of America’s Main Street Entrepreneurs and shows you how to:
• Build a purpose-driven business
• Meet important community needs
• Develop a supporting cast
• Work with a zealous tenacity
• Give mind-boggling customer service
• Diversify revenue streams
• Give back to the broader community
• And ultimately, create the lifestyle of your dreams

Not everyone can create game-changing technology, not everyone can secure venture capital, and not everyone can build a $50 million company. But everyone can build the kinds of Main Street businesses that exist across the country. All you need is a powerful purpose, real world experience, passion and tenacity to start living your American Dream.

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Michael Glauser, Ph.D., is the executive director of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship at Utah State University, an entrepreneur, business consultant, and university professor. He is the cofounder and CEO of My New Enterprise, an online training and development company.

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By Darren I on 20 Jun 2016
"It sounds so easy and enticing: build your dream company doing what you love, where you live! That is the central promise of this book, yet surprisingly and against this reader’s initial fear, it is a lot, lot more than a typical “start your own business”-type book. Instead the author has taken a fascinating, possibly obsessive look, at what has made many small-town American businesses tick. All in all, the author visited over 100 entrepreneurs in 100 different cities – on two wheels - cycling over 4005 miles in 45 days and sitting on the saddle for 246 hours in total! The end result is a fascinating read that promises to lift the lid on some of the secrets of entrepreneurial success.

There are nine specific keys for success, claims the author, that would negate the need for a massive business plan, venture capital or being in deep hock to the bank. Clearly setting up the next Facebook or Google is not guaranteed, yet there is nothing wrong with creating a fairly solid-performing small company and maybe, just maybe, that could lead to bigger, greater and more powerful things. The style and approach of this book grew on the reader. It was a pleasing different approach and could one say that the author “suffered” for the reader? The author noted that many of those interviewed fly under the radar of the media and thus their story is often unknown outside of their immediate locality; thus reading their stories felt a particularly interesting, exclusive privilege.

Sure, there were a few niggles, such as the personalisation of the text at times and some of the comments or observations, yet they pale into insignificance compared to the real meat on the bone, the stories of these smaller companies who are making their mark in often unexpected areas. A different, worthy read – even if you are not necessarily thinking about starting up your own business. If you are considering a new venture, this could be a great bit of “secret intel” to give you some additional advice."


"Michael Glauser’s Main Street Entrepreneur is filled with real learnings from the trenches of startups and delivers a complete tool box for entrepreneurs to start and build their own businesses. Glauser’s success as an entrepreneur, along with the insights and learnings of another 100 entrepreneurs, gives the book enormous credibility and gravitas. This is a timely and relevant book that is written in an immediately applicable way—and for that I highly recommend it!"
—Stephen M. R. Covey, Author of The Speed of Trust, Coauthor of Smart Trust

"Technology is eliminating jobs in nearly every industry at an ever increasing pace. In the near future, more of us will have to become entrepreneurs and create our own jobs. During his 4,000 mile bike ride across America, Michael Glauser, developed a clear road map anyone can follow to build a successful company. His book will help you create the life of your dreams. It’s time to get started. "
—Daven Michaels, Author of Outsource Smart, Founder and CEO of 123Employee

"Every year we mentor thousands of people all over the world who are trying to rise out of poverty by starting their own business. The key concepts taught in Main Street Entrepreneur are the exact principles people need to implement to be successful. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start a business and achieve their dreams."
—Mark L. Petersen, President and CEO of Mentors International

"Make no mistake, the American Dream is alive. People are merging their livelihood and lifestyle by doing what they love while living where they want. In Main Street entrepreneur you will meet remarkable entrepreneurs and discover the key principles for achieving your dream. A must read for anyone seeking more freedom, security, and happiness!"
—Judy Robinett, Startup Funding Expert, Author of How to Be a Power Connector

"Michael Glauser shares the secrets to success that entrepreneurs across the country have used to enjoy the American Dream. His nine keys will help any ambitious soul achieve and sustain success. Building a successful business, and lifestyle, just became easier with Main Street Entrepreneur. "
—Roger Connors, Cofounder of Partners In Leadership, Author of The Oz Principle

"Glauser takes us on a literal ride to the near future where the small sole proprietors create the business future that multinational corporations once controlled. An essential read to help you succeed in the post-capitalist economy of the near future."
—Geoffrey Colon, Communications Designer at Microsoft, Author of Disruptive Marketing

"I love Michael Glauser’s bike trip across America as an analogy for business development. As a three time Hawaii Ironman finisher and college swimmer I can attest that the purpose and passion necessary to succeed as an athlete are precisely the same disciplines that can produce success in all aspects of one’s life, whether it’s business, health or relationships. There are always going to be bumps and pot holes in the road. Glauser is spot on when he says that keeping your purpose in focus is the most important thing to get you to the finish line."
—Howard Liebowitz, MD, FACEP, Director of Liebowitz Longevity Medicine, Foremost Anti-Aging Medicine and Hormone Specialist

"The people I meet who are not executives all dream of starting their own company. But they don’t because they don’t know how and can’t see themselves in the lore of multi-billion dollar success. Finally, the masses have a roadmap to attain a more Main Street success."
—Mark Cook, Director of O.C. Tanner Institute, Author of Sales Blazers, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

"I started my first business at age 15 and have run my sixth for almost 30 years now. Oh, what heartache and sleepless nights I could have saved myself if I had only had Michael Glauser’s insightful book from the beginning! What a fun and easy read to experience his cycling adventure right along with the interesting and wise people he met on his bold journey! I recommend this book big time."
—Wendy Keller, Author of Secrets of Successful Negotiation for Women

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