Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits
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Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits
Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits
Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits
Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits

Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits

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250 Tactics to Promote, Recruit, Motivate, and Raise More Money

Jay Conrad Levinson’s take-no-prisoners approach to marketing has helped millions turn their time, energy, and imagination into profitable results. Now, Levinson and co-authors Frank Adkins and Chris Forbes deliver the first book to adapt the profit-producing principles of Guerrilla Marketing to the world of nonprofits.

The nonprofit sector has increased by 65%–which means a flood of new organizations are vying with you for donations, competing with you for volunteers, and trying to carve out their share of the marketplace. Joined by co-authors Frank Adkins and Chris Forbes, Levinson you’ll learn how to gain the competitive edge you need by replacing decreased budgets with the power of time, energy, imagination, and information–allowing you to maximize your impact and raise more money!

Armed with time-tested principles, 250+ proven weapons of Guerrilla Marketing, and relevant tactics and tools, you’ll learn how to boost public awareness, increase effectiveness in recruiting volunteers, mobilize advocates, and raise more money no matter the state of your nonprofits finances.

You’ll learn:

  • The seven golden rules for fundraising success
  • How to identify and express your organization’s unique identity
  • How to turn your mission statement into a marketing tool
  • 250+ proven weapons of Guerrilla Marketing customized for nonprofits
  • How to cultivate winning relationships for your nonprofit
  • Publicity and social media tactics specific to the nonprofit community
  • The seven platinum rules for recruiting volunteers
  • How to meet needs while changing minds

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Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. He is founder of the Guerrilla Marketing Association and the Guerrilla Marketing Business University,

Frank Adkins is the vice president of special projects for Guerrilla Marketing International. He is a certified Guerrilla Marketing business coach and internationally licensed Guerrilla Marketing master trainer.

Chris Forbes is a certified Guerrilla Marketing coach specializing in nonprofit marketing. He frequently consults within the Southern Baptist Convention with 16 million+ members.

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