Franchise Bible 7E
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Franchise Bible, 7th Edition
Franchise Bible, 7th Edition
Franchise Bible, 7th Edition
Franchise Bible, 7th Edition

Franchise Bible, 7th Edition

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(0 customer reviews) Pages: 280 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9781599184487

How to Buy Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business

This indispensable guide tells you how to do it – and save time and money in the process!

If you are thinking of BUYING A FRANCHISE, you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine if running a franchise is right for you
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of franchising
  • Understand the legal terms and business decisions associated with franchising
  • Navigate franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements
  • Evaluate the services and training that franchisors offer
  • Identify the signs of a good franchise opportunity

If you are thinking of FRANCHISING YOUR BUSINESS, you’ll find out how to:

  • Select the best method for expanding your existing business
  • Collect the information and documents needed to expand through franchising
  • Understand the keys to establishing a good franchise system
  • Evaluate potential franchisees
  • Reduce attorneys’ fees and other costs associated with franchising

Includes sample franchise documents:

  • Sample franchise disclosure document (FDD)
  • Sample franchise agreement
  • Sample prospective franchisee net worth form
  • Copy of FTC requirements for franchise disclosure documents

Checklists and questionnaires for:

  • Evaluating your suitability for running a franchise
  • Assessing whether a particular franchise system is set up for success
  • Gathering information for franchise disclosure documents and agreements

Whether you want to buy a franchise or franchise your own business, this guide reveals what to expect, how to move forward, and how to avoid costly mistakes – making it required reading.

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The late Erwin J. Keup, author of the prior six editions of the Franchise Bible, had over 50 years of experience with franchise law, franchise consulting, and general corporate law. Among other things, he was an arbitrator specializing in franchisor/franchisee disputes for the American Arbitration Association, Franchise Arbitration and Mediation Inc. and British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre. He served on the California Bar Association's Franchise Legislation Committee and the American Bar Association's Forum on Franchising.

Peter E. Keup, son of Erwin Keup, is an attorney based in Columbia, South Carolina and a Professor in the College of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of South Carolina. He is a member of both the California and South Carolina state bars and has extensive litigation and transactional experience.

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