Dynamic Communication by Jill Schiefelbein
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Dynamic Communication
Dynamic Communication
Dynamic Communication
Dynamic Communication
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Dynamic Communication

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When Good Communication Skills Aren’t Enough

Telling the story of your business is about more than writing grammatically correct proposals and emails or speaking to investors without using “ums” and “uhs.” To get your message across, you have to find a dynamic way to reach your vast audience of stakeholders, consumers, and competitors. Business communication expert Jill Schiefelbein shows you how, delivering an education on how to build a communication-savvy business that retains employees, secures investors, and increases your bottom line.

Taking a page from the playbooks of 27 successful companies, entrepreneurs, and brands like Southwest Airlines, the Truth Initiative, Avocados from Mexico, Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer, and primetime television host and speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett, you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the four-stage listening matrix to drive your audience to action
  • Use sales call outlines that facilitate buy-in to avoid death by sales script
  • Create value-filled, magnetic marketing that educates and attracts buyers
  • Add value to your products and services with videos and webinars
  • Develop persuasive presentations with the TEMPTaction mode

So grab a highlighter, get a pen, or sharpen a pencil and start crafting your communication strategy today.

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Jill Schiefelbein is a former professor, professional speaker and business communication expert. From analyzing documents obtained from military raids of terrorist camps to dissect jihadi communication strategies, building an online education office serving more than 60,000 students, to her own award-winning entrepreneurial ventures, Schiefelbein loves a strategic challenge. Her business, The Dynamic Communicator, creates and executes communication strategies that help companies solve problems, retain talent and produce revenue.

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By Donna F on 11 Nov 2017
"Successful communication is not measured by your lack of ums or your style; it is measured by the actions and results that are generated. Jill Schiefelbein shares a website for the book that contains full length interviews with different companies. 'Confidence is your best designer. You cannot get a better piece of clothing more suitable than confidence.' Everyone wants fast results but it is actually the micro actions of building a relationship and engagement that leads to trust and to a purchase. These micro actions can be giving away something.
'Action plus purpose drives awareness. Awareness leads to engagement. Engagement leads to results.' I recommend this book. Jill provides actionable steps to help with communication. The book is easy to read with short chapters and you can skip to specific sections you want to focus on."


By Ilana WD on 25 Jul 2017
"Either you want to sell or buy, build up a company or beat the competition, communication is extremely important, and it means more than easily selling your talking point to a wider audience. From practical tips to complicated strategic moves, this book is offering, through a wide range of examples, a comprehensive perspective of the tremendous role of communication in the everyday life of a business. I've found sometimes the writing a bit too didactic and technical, therefore it can be more appealing to sophisticated communication specialists than to the everyday curious reader, but otherwise it has very valuable information and tips that I can't wait to use for my own communication planning and consulting."


By Darren I on 07 Jul 2017
"Here is a useful guide for business owners to help them better tell the story of their business, communicating their successes, needs and desires in the process. The author sets out to show how versatile communications can be for a business, indicating what can be done and what benefits may be achieved in the process.

All in all, 27 different strategies are offered that are designed to help grow and develop a business, being of interest to the smaller, entrepreneurial business whereby the boss and possibly other key employees must be quite versatile and undertake many different tasks at the same time. Practical, real-world advice is taken from many top U.S. companies and brands to show the potential on offer, allowing the reader to see a successful strategy and seek to adapt it to their own requirements.

It certainly can be a useful tool to consider for your business armoury, should you feel that your communications may be lacking. Even if you feel things function relatively well, the book’s low price means that it can be an affordable, accessible way to validate your successes too. You only need to find one new idea or even refine something a smidgeon to get your money’s worth and then some."