The Direct Mail Solution
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The Direct Mail Solution
The Direct Mail Solution
The Direct Mail Solution
The Direct Mail Solution

The Direct Mail Solution

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FACT: More commerce is driven and wealth created by direct mail than any other media.


Direct mail marketing specialist Craig Simpson, joined by millionaire maker Dan Kennedy, reveal eye-opening facts about the power of direct mail, including this: IT WORKS.

Shutting down the misconceptions surrounding “new” versus “traditional” media, Simpson and Kennedy spotlight the only truths that matter—why among numerous surveys, direct mail consistently holds the #1 spot for customer acquisitions and retention, and how, if done right, it can increase your business by tenfold.

Benefiting from the authors combined 30 years in direct marketing, you will master guidelines for what works and what doesn’t, gain powerful insight from real-life business campaigns, and learn step by step how to build a results-producing promotional campaign that literally pushes the envelope for new business and sales.

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Craig Simpson is the owner of Simpson Direct, Inc., a direct marketing firm based in Oregon. Since beginning his career in direct mail nearly 20 years ago, he has managed thousands of direct mail campaigns, helping to gross hundreds of millions in revenue for his clients. His direct marketing company sends out nearly 300 mailings per year for his private clients. He works in practically every industry, marketing everything from courses on the benefits of drinking water, to technical software, retail stores, real estate investment, financial services, health products, diet programs, insurance, and even wholesale clothing. He lives in Grants Pass, OR.

Dan S. Kennedy is a strategic advisor, consultant, business coach and editor of six business newsletters, and he directly influences more than one million business owners annually. He is a champion of small business owners and entrepreneurs with a long track record of taking entrepreneurs to seven-figure incomes and multi-millionaire wealth. He lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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"Craig Simpson and Dan Kennedy have written a master piece on direct mail. Every hospital, physician practice and healthcare facility should have this book on their desk to follow as the authority on acquiring new patients and reaching new markets through their proven strategies. I have personally seen the results of Craig and Dan’s direct mail work and they are REAL and deliver RESULTS!"
- Lisa T. Miller, MHA, Founder & CEO VIE Healthcare

"Direct Mail Marketing is the hidden secret of many entrepreneurs and small business owners, yet most waste tons of money because they don’t understand the “science” behind it. Craig Simpson and Dan Kennedy walk you step-by-step through this amazing, and highly efficient marketing tool, in The Direct Mail Solution. I believe this powerful, practical road map is a must for every business that is looking to grow their sales volume."
- Ben Glass, Great Legal Marketing

"Direct Mail may just be the best kept “Secret” for marketing your business today. In an era of everything electronic, faster, cheaper, easier, direct mail is NONE of those things… which likely accounts for it’s amazing ability, when deployed correctly, to be one of the most effective business-building-blockbuster components EVER. Period."

"The Direct Mail “DREAM TEAM” Dan Kennedy and Craig Simpson are one of the best possible combinations on the planet. Dan Kennedy is one of the top living direct response long-form sales letter copy writers alive today. Craig Simpson is the hired gun many of us rely upon to ignite and deploy our direct mail marketing."

"In his book, The Direct-Mail Solution Craig paints a powerful picture of the “A to Z” you need to know about Direct Mail. Whether you are just about to do your first mail piece or a seasoned pro mailing millions of pieces per year, there are valuable “Gems” in this book for you. If you’ll stop tweeting and checking your Facebook account long enough to read this book, you just may add another million to your portfolio in the years to come!"
- Dr. Tom Orent, CEO, Gems Publishing, USA

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