Cash From the Crowd
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Cash From The Crowd
Cash From The Crowd
Cash From The Crowd

Cash From The Crowd

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Who’s Willing to Bet on Your Success? FIND OUT

Crowdfunding will inject over 5 billion dollars into the economy this year and is becoming a powerful way to fund new ideas and generate buzz for new products and ventures. This creates a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs; however, only 40% of projects succeed in reaching their funding goal. This book shows you how to shift the odds in your favor.

Master the key steps to crafting, managing and promoting a successful campaign:

  • Assess your crowdfunding potential
  • Determine the best crowdfunding model for your venture
  • Gain expert advice on preparing your project and promotion
  • Learn how to craft your pitch and invent enticing rewards
  • Employ social media & PR strategies to motivate your backers to open their wallets
  • Learn what to do after you’ve reached your goal to ensure your backers are happy


  • Pre-campaign, campaign creation and launch, and post-launch checklists
  • Tips, best practices and examples for convincing “the crowd” to invest in your success
  • Insights from successful project owners
  • Links to successful campaign videos
  • Crowdfunding Toolkit–all the resources you need during and after your campaign

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Sally Outlaw is the co-founder and CEO of and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their crowdfunding goals. She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has traveled the globe, including ten years spent in Russia, starting and managing several successful companies and running her own media ventures. Sally is a speaker on the topic of small business financing at various universities, business incubators, and entrepreneurial events and has been a repeated source on the topic of crowdfunding for national media outlets.

"If you want to learn how to create a winning crowdfunding strategy for an entrepreneurial venture, follow the guidance of a crowdfunding platform that’s specifically geared toward entrepreneurs. peerbackers has logged many years of support and knowledge-gathering into how crowdfunding works best for a business, not just a project. In my role as custodian for a community dedicated to entrepreneurs called ActSeed, I have watched peerbackers evolve into a leader for crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, and I applaud their decision to share this expertise in the form of a book.
- Bill Attinger, CEO,

"Sally has been my go-to source for all things crowdfunding and we’ve been fortunate to have her provide funding workshops on our campus. As one of crowdfunding’s pioneers, she consistently demonstrates not only her strong expertise, but her personal commitment to our students’ success.
- Kimberly Gramm, Director, Florida Atlantic University’s Adams Center for Entrepreneurship

"I can’t imagine the amount of time reading a book like this might have saved me, a worthy investment for someone considering crowd-funding their idea!"
- Cesar Kuriyama, Founder of 1 Second Everyday app, raised $56,959 via crowdfunding on Kickstarter

"Like most things in life, experience helps…and Sally has lots of it! Let a leader in the crowdfunding industry help bring your idea, cause, or business to life."
- Asheesh Advani, CEO, Covestor

"There is no better place to get crowdfunding advice than from someone who has reviewed and guided thousands of campaigns to success! As someone who has helped shape the industry from the very beginning, Sally offers unique insights, strategies, and instruction on how to run an effective campaign!"
- Dara Albright, Founder of NowStreet Journal

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