The Business of Good
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The Business of Good
The Business of Good
The Business of Good
The Business of Good

The Business of Good

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The Business of Good narrates the story behind social entrepreneurship as told by the individuals compelled to create a change in the world—not just another business.

Forged by political, economic, and human rights events within the last century, today’s entrepreneurs are rebooting capitalism, challenging the charitable industrial complex, and ultimately disrupting the way companies do business. Serial and social entrepreneur Jason Haber explores social entrepreneurship, from Benjamin Franklin to what he calls The Great Convergence heavily lead by Millennials, as he intertwines case studies and anecdotes that examine Capitalism 2.0, philanthropy, and its ability to create jobs, grow the economy and at the same time make a difference in the world.

From Main Street to Wall Street, social entrepreneurship has taken on numerous shapes, seeking to solve vexing social problems, as it builds bridges to those who have otherwise been left behind. It is the fuel that has ignited its leap from the fringe to the mainstream. It’s changing the lives of those in the developing world and in the developed world. It’s changing how we give. It’s changing how we invest. It’s changing who we are.

The Business of Good breaks important new ground as the first book that closely examines the why behind the increasing trend of businesses aiming to turn a profit while simultaneously transforming our world for the better. The author takes the reader on a thought-provoking journey using engaging examples with historical context to identify and uncover the roots of this phenomenon, and offers compelling evidence for its continuation and impact. This is a fun and engaging must-read for anyone interested in the evolving corporate landscape.

—Rebecca Shin, Social Sector Marketing Strategy Leader & Generational Expert,

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JASON HABER is a serial and social entrepreneur. In 2010, he co-founded Rubicon Property, a social entrepreneurial real estate firm based in Manhattan. Warburg Realty, one of New York’s premier firms, purchased Rubicon in 2013. During his career, Haber has had various roles in the private and public sectors. Haber is a frequent commentator on cable news networks.

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By Darren I on 13 Jun 2016
"Social entrepreneurship and doing good is a hot topic. After all, who doesn’t want to do a bit of good if they can, whether active business participant or passive consumer. This book takes a look at social entrepreneurship through the eyes of some people who are doing it or trying to do it, providing a fascinating behind-the-scenes and hard objective look at the process.

Interviews, case studies and real-world anecdotes are mixed together within this book that puts a fairly positive, upbeat gloss on the benefits of social entrepreneurship, asserting that it is rebooting capitalism and leading to gradual change as well as disruption. Is the author right? Is the capitalist old guard sitting back and letting this upstart take away its power and glory? Yes and no, or partially and not intentionally…

In any case, this fresh and often innovative approach certainly has the potential for being a force for good and finding a new and possibly better way of doing things. Reading the book, you can sense the author’s enthusiasm and perhaps awe for the social entrepreneurship movement, yet he manages to keep a sense of perspective and avoid merely repeating a positive, uncritical mantra or stream or fine PR-words. It all led to an interesting, informative read. It could have the potential to enthuse and inspire the reader into considering their own social entrepreneurship venture.

The style was a bit mixed and whilst it had some highlights and points of interest it failed to entirely win over this reader. Horses for courses and all of that, but it does not mean it is a bad book but it just failed to be a five-star revolutionary read. Your views may vary and it can be a worthy read for the background knowledge if nothing else and if you then find you’ve got a connection established with it and really start to pull out beneficial advantages you’ve got yourself a winner."


By Keeley S on 02 Jun 2016
"A good overview of emerging topics in philanthropy and nonprofit social programming."


"I dare you to read this wild ride of a book and resist giving up your day job to become a Global Citizen. Jason Haber brilliantly captures the zeitgeist of today’s social entrepreneur and shows you how to become a dynamic change maker." —Gail Sheehy, author of Passages and Daring: My Passages

"Jason Haber has captured the energy, enthusiasm and inventiveness of millennials who have figured out how to contribute to the social good while doing well for themselves. Haber shows us where the heart of innovation lies. He persuasively explains that making a difference is good for business. Haber offers a dose of optimism just when we need it."
--Frank Sesno, Director and Professor of Media and Public Affairs and International Affairs at The George Washington University, former CNN Anchor and Washington Bureau Chief

"A revelatory and vivid analysis on the rise of social entrepreneurship around the world. Jason Haber depicts the new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs that are forging a new ‘paradigm’ based on opportunities that bring together market forces and a drive to make the world a better place."
--Azadeh Tajdar, Social Entrepreneur Specializing in Emerging and Frontier Market Startups

"Based on careful research and his own deep personal experience, Jason Haber tells the intriguing story of the emergence of a new model of doing good in the world, one that combines the business savvy of a startup with the social consciousness of a classic charity. The Business of Good is a must-read for social entrepreneurs looking for ways to create meaningful social change in the 21st century."
--Steven Livingston, Professor of Media and Public Affairs and International Affairs at The George Washington University

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