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Announcement from Entrepreneur Press
Starting January 4, 2016, Entrepreneur Press will no longer sell books on our site. Instead, we will be focusing on exclusive author and book content such as chapter previews, videos, author events, and more. We will continue to support Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes with direct links for each book.

For questions about your order:
Phone: (800) 421-2300 (8:30a-5p est M-F) except holidays
E-mail: help@entrepreneur.com

You may cancel any item from your order provided that it has not yet entered the shipping process.
Please send an email to: help@entrepreneur.com with the following information:
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Once an order has entered our shipping process we are unable to cancel the order. You may either refuse the package when it arrives or return the package to the address listed on the packing slip. You will see the credit to your credit card in one to two billing cycles.

General FAQs
Where can I purchase Entrepreneur Press products?
Our print books and ebooks are sold at all fine bookstores and on-line retailers. Just search for the title using the Product Search area at the top left corner of this site.

How can I find out if a particular title is available?
Use the search feature on this Web site. All available titles are listed.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
There are a variety of quantity discount programs available. For more information please call: Jillian McTigue, 949-622-5274

Do you accept unsolicited submissions?
Yes. Please visit www.entrepreneurpress.com for submission guidelines and directions.

How do I obtain permission to reprint copyrighted material?
Please visit our Terms of Use statement for more information on permissions.

Questions about your order:
Phone: (800) 421-2300 (8:30a-5p est M-F) except holidays
E-mail: help@entrepreneur.com
Technical problems: please send an e-mail to webmaster@entrepreneur.com
Questions about a particular product or general questions about Entrepreneur Press: please send an email to press@entrepreneur.com.

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Terms of Use
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