Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs

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CD-ROM includes exclusive Personal Finance Life Cycle Model for entrepreneurs and more!

This guide goes where no personal finance book has gone before–it examines personal finances from the point of view of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur’s business and personal finances are joined at the hip. Success or failure in one has a major impact on the other. This guide drills down into the connective tissue between the two and shows entrepreneurs how to apply their management do-it-yourself skills to their personal finances.

Expert advice reveals how to:

  • Protect your personal assets from business lawsuits
  • Separate personal and business finances for the greatest tax benefits
  • Prevent hard-earned cash from getting lost in the transition from business to personal wealth
  • Pay yourself a salary, and pull cash out of the business appropriately
  • Protect and improve your financial well-being

Financial planners disclose insider tips on organization structures, taxes, budgeting, cash flow, debt management, risk management, investing, retirement planning and business transition–all areas where individual and business finances meet again and again.

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