Successfully Navigating the Downturn

Successfully Navigating the Downturn

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Successfully Navigating the Downturn Successfully Navigating the Downturn Successfully Navigating the Downturn

Survive and Succeed

No business escapes it. At some point, every business faces a domino-like impact€”whether you’re caught in the onset of a cyclical economic downturn, a competitor emerges and takes your market share, or your company expands too fast without enough capital. The path to success can be overwhelming€”this is your navigation plan.

Seasoned business consultant Donald Todrin reveals the rules to surviving any downturn and shows you how to recast your business to succeed under even the most challenging circumstances. Armed with solutions, proven strategies, and from-the-trenches advice, learn how to tackle common dilemmas and critical pitfalls, protect against future failure, and, even, uncover new opportunities to grow.


  • 4 Principles to successfully navigating a financial downturn
  • 15 Rules of engagement to recast your business
  • The secrets and myths of workouts with the IRS, SBA and other lenders
  • 6 Biggest downsizing mistakes
  • Top ways to lower your expenses
  • Game-changing management musts
  • How to market without money
  • Payroll 911
  • 50 Ways to succeed
  • And more!

Take action against potential disaster€”and start focusing on future growth!

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Donald Todrin is the president of Second Wind Consultants, Inc., a business debt solutions firm. With more than 30 years experience solving difficult business problems and building profitable business organizations, he specializes in resolving complex debt workouts, asset protection, and debt reduction. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; a law degree from Northeastern University, and a master’s degree in small business taxation from Boston University. Read more from Donald Todrin at

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  1. Pamela Torres
    5 out of 5


    I found that every business has downfalls to face at some point, it may not even be the fault of the business owner, it could be anything from the economy, to competitors taking over your market share. You need to have a plan of navigation, in case this is to happen to your business. At some point it will become over whelming to gain success, but as Donald Todrin says that he has rules to help your business to be able to survive any pitfalls that may come, and how to succeed with his proven strategies. He can teach you how to tackle common and critical problems, and help to protect your business against failure, and give help to develop new growth opportunities.

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